oasap giveaway

It's time for another lovely giveaway courtesy of Oasap!!! Summer just began (or winter for others) and Oasap has a huge selection of different seasonal pieces you'll want in your closet! So be sure to join!!! Two lucky winners will win $30 each from Oasap and be able to pick anything on the Oasap site! 

In order to be eligible to be considered for the giveaway, you MUST meet these requirements!

1). Own or create an Oasap.com account! 
(If you have had your account for more than 3 months and have an address listed, then your chances of winning are automatically increased)

2). Follow canyoupasstheglitter via Google Friend Connect + comment your GFC email under this post!

Giveaway lasts from 7/23/14 ~ 7/30/14! Winners will be picked and notified after giveaway end date! Good luck!


bleeding roses

skirt ~ Forever 21, headband ~ H&M, shirt c/o Front Row Shop

I really am keeping up with the color scheme, right? haha I am one who is all about color coordination. This tri-color button down from Front Row Shop makes the combination of black, cream, and red work look really good! So I decided to enhance the black color with a black skirt and heels. The red with the stripe detail on the skirt and a bold floral headband. And BAM, an outfit that color coordinates!

I feel like I look camera shy everytime I look somewhere else besides the camera (looking straight at the lens is awkward...). But I do have a reason why I'm looking down; I have a stye on my eye right now and so my eyelid can't fold over properly. Thanks to the power of makeup, I can cover it up right now (don't worry, I've dealed with a lot of eye cysts and styes before). Hopefully my eye can hurry up and cure itself!